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Estate Planning & Asset Protection


Estate & Medicaid Support

A well-prepared and executed Estate Plan is essential to create a safe harbor for your financial future. Estate Planning establishes who will be in control of your estate and to whom your assets will pass and designates a trusted person to make medical and/or financial decisions on your behalf if you can longer do so yourself. In addition, an Estate Plan can prepare you for the option to utilize the Medicaid program to pay for long-term care expenses. We can prepare all manner of wills, living trusts, powers of attorney, health care proxies and living wills to shield your estate from taxes, provide for minor or disabled children or grandchildren or to otherwise fit your specific needs.

Asset Protection

Our firm provides legal strategies aimed at protecting your assets from unforeseen creditors, as well as the creditors of your beneficiaries and their loved ones. Incorporating Asset Protection into your Estate Plan tailored specifically for your needs and desires provides peace of mind and protects your lifetime of hard work. Our firm can assist you whether your goal is to limit personal liability by forming a new business entity, creating an irrevocable asset protection trust for your current assets, or if you should need help with Medicaid and long-term care planning. We can also create and establish irrevocable trusts in contemplation of Medicaid in order to protect your home and other property.

Business Law

Should you need to form a new business or plan for the succession of your existing business, our law firm can assist you with all of the day-to-day business needs. This includes the preparation, review and negotiation of commercial real estate leases, employment contracts, nondisclosure agreements, shareholder agreements and partnership agreements, as well as the formation of corporations and limited liability companies.

Trust & Estate Administration

When a loved on passes away, we provide guidance as to transferring assets of the Trust or Estate as efficiently as possible. A deceased person’s Last Will and Testament must be “probated,” which is the legal proceeding necessary to have the Will validated by the Surrogate’s Court and an Executor appointed. Those who pass without a Will are referred to as “intestate,” and thus and Administration proceeding is required to allow the next of kin to gain access to the finances of the deceased. After the Court appoints an Executor or Administrator, the next step is to collect assets, pay creditors and distribute the remainder of the Estate assets to the beneficiaries.


Trusts are administered pursuant to the terms of the Trust instrument itself, and therefore a court proceeding may not be required. Assets transferred to a trust avoid the probate, and often make the transfer of assets to the Trust beneficiaries that much easier. Trustees are charged with the task of collecting the Trust assets, paying outstanding debts and distributing the remainder of the trust assets to the Trust beneficiaries.

Real Estate Law

Whether you are looking to purchase a residence or commercial property, we can ensure that the transaction is conducted smoothly and efficiently. If any of your assets are comprised of residential and commercial real estate, we can represent you in the purchase, sale, gifting and transfer of same, as well as interests in entities which own real estate.

As one of Long Island’s premier estate planning law firms, we assist clients with creating wills, trusts, powers of attorney, health care proxies, and living wills. Specializing in Asset Protection, we believe that protecting yourself and your loved ones from creditors is a necessary undertaking no matter the size of your estate.